Our story

Lemonfair Saffron Co. is a partnership of family farms committed to sustainable farming and the finest quality saffron.

Born in Vermont

We started growing saffron in 2017 in the rich soil of Vermont's Champlain Valley. Since then, the community of saffron farms has grown together - inspired by demand for 100% pure, locally grown saffron. We take our name from the Lemon Fair river that flows North through the Champlain Valley in Vermont, eventually reaching Otter creek. The name is derived from the French Les Monts Vert (The Green Mountains). We are fortunate to participate in the University of Vermont's ongoing research and development.   

saffron crocus
Our saffron is always grown without pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers. All packaging is recycled, recyclable, or biodegradable. We are committed to sustainable choices in every aspect of growing, harvesting, packaging, and shipping.


We are a partnership of family farms that is dedicated to investing in the local American farming community. More than half of your final purchase price goes directly to the farmer - 7 times the industry average. 
saffron harvest farm
saffron lassi popsicle

Our precise method of harvesting and drying ensures our saffron is the finest quality and 100% pure - never mixed or blended.

Traditional methods
We finish the saffron drying process over the low heat of a hardwood fire - the traditional method of the colder saffron growing regions such as Tuscany, Italy. This brings out the radiant color and mild fruity aroma of fresh saffron. 
saffron drying
mortar pestle

We are honored to ship pure saffron to you and your family.

Ten percent of profits from Lemonfair LLC will be donated annually to organizations fighting for social and environmental justice. In 2021 we donated to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and the Environmental Defense Fund.

-Parker Shorey & Hannah Marks