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Saffron Popsicles

Saffron lassi popsicles bright yellow frozen treat to make at home topped with pistachios optionally

An easy, refreshing summer treat. You can keep these saffron popsicles in your freezer all summer for a relatively healthy, sweet crowd pleaser during hot summer days.

1 pinch saffron
2 c. whole milk yogurt
1/2 c. ice water
1 pinch sea salt
3-4 tbsp. sugar
1 tsp. freshly ground cardamom
Pistachios (optional)

In mortar, grind saffron then stir into 1 tbsp. boiling water- let stand for 5 minutes. Puree yogurt, sugar, cardamom, salt and saffron mixture in blender until thoroughly mixed. Pour into popsicle molds, chill until ice cold.

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