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Mother's Day Gift Package
Mother's Day Gift Package
Mother's Day Gift Package
Mother's Day Gift Package
Mother's Day Gift Package
Mother's Day Gift Package

Mother's Day Gift Package


Give Mom an ethical, sustainable, and unique gift this year.  The classic, radiantly colored 100% pure saffron paired with our newest product, the exceptional Spanish Roja Garlic Powder. Mailed with high quality Lemonfair recipe cards and gift note, if desired. 

Each are grown without pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers on small family farms in Vermont, then packed in recyclable jars and shipped in Kraft Paper mailer: 100% recycled and biodegradable. 

Spanish Roja is a hardneck heirloom garlic variety known for its exceptional quality

Tasting notes: Rich, bright, layered spiciness, nutty/fruity, sweet undertones.

  • Carefully dried on-site in Vermont and jarred without any additives
  • Adds depth of flavor to any dish and is perfect for adding to marinades, dressings, sauces, and rubs
  • Store in cool, dry area (pantry). Good for 1 year 

Lemonfair Saffron is grown on small family farms in Vermont and finished over the low heat of a hardwood fire in the traditional Italian style. 

Tasting notes: Subtle notes of ripe fruit, hay. Earthy, floral taste when combined with warm food and beverages. 

  • Each 500 mg jar contains about 6 pinches of saffron - enough saffron for several meals or beverages.
  • Contains threads from approximately 80 hand-picked saffron crocus flowers.
  • May contain trace amounts of saffron pollen.
  • Store at room temperature in pantry. Good for 2 years.

If this is a gift, leave us a note in the checkout section "Leave a note with your order," and we'll write a personalized note for you on the included card!

Ten percent of profits from Lemonfair LLC will be donated annually to organizations fighting for social and environmental justice. In 2022 we donated to the Environmental Defense Fund.

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